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'No more forcing myself to act "normal" even in the privacy of my own home!' - So true of my experience, and the pervasive attitude that ableism has on people. When you are trying so hard to be normal for the rest of the world, that you can't even relax enough to take off the mantle of repression at home...

Found on my Autistic Women's Group


Though none of this month's offerings struck me as must-reads, I am curious about the first two books...


Last month, I shared about a new autistic character introduced to the show, that of Fiona Helbron (a.k.a. "Mittens"). I thought she would only be a one-shot, but they decided to make her a love interest for Sherlock instead. Can I say I'm all for this? Especially after seeing Season 4 Episode 18 "Ready or Not". In this, Fiona decides to break up with Sherlock because she feels he is too careful with her. After being informed by Sherlock that he was dealing with his own issues, she says they should have sex and proceeds to jump his bones.

I was really pleased to see an Autistic woman taking agency over her own body. Too often, popular media treats us as fragile, not only because of our disability, but also because we are women. I look forward to seeing how much more Fiona develops.


If you've never heard of Tip of the Asperg, then you're missing out. This lovely person shares raw experiences via YouTube and Facebook. Check Tip out, and check out this cool traits document...also from Tip. Big thanks go out for granting me permission to share it! You rock, Tip!


This month I spent no time on this blog, but trust me when I say the ol' gears are always turning. I'm hoping to share some new posts this coming month on tools for helping executive function, and I'm close to done with my insights from April. It's weird to think of yourself as perfectly normal and disabled at the same time. It conflicts with your views of yourself, what you can and can't do, no matter how hard you try. I think for a lot of us, we come to terms with it every day. Each day is a new challenge to try to work through.

Until next month...take care of yourselves, fellow Aspies!

What kinds of resources and cool things have you found lately? Share in the comments below!

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